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Rewards  Program

Prime T’s Rewards Program gives individuals who sign up the opportunity to become one of our valued Associates.  A Prime T Associate is expected to promote the use of Prime T’s quality supplements and refer as many individuals to our website in a one month period.  Associates who meet a certain monthly criteria will receive a monetary percentage of units sold as a result of the referral and purchasing process.

PLEASE READ each question and answer to familiarize yourself with the program BEFORE signing up.  It is important that you understand the way the program works in order to ensure optimum results!  After you've thoroughly read the below, you may proceed with signing up by clicking the Sign Up button at the bottom of this page. If you have any additional questions aside from those listed below, please feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as possible! 

How Does Prime T’s Rewards Program Work?

Once an individual successfully signs up and becomes an Associate, a package will be mailed to the address given during the sign up process containing their Associate Identification Number (AIN) and 25 promotional flyers also reflecting their AIN.  An Associate may request more flyers for promotional purposes as needed.


All associates are expected to promote the use of Prime T’s supplements either by word of mouth, distribution of flyers, social media, emails, etc.  Whichever method of promotion you elect to use in addition to distributing the flyers, in order for sales to be credited to you as an Associate, be sure to ALWAYS use your AIN during the referral process.


We will successfully track each unit sold using your AIN.  In a one month period, from the 1st of the month to the last day of that month, if the required minimum amount of units have been sold as a result of your efforts, you will receive a monetary reward!  IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!!!

Will Associates Receive Physical Product To Sell?

No. Associates will not receive physical product to sell, however you will be responsible for referring as many customers as possible.  In doing so, each unit ordered through our secure encrypted site using your AIN will be credited to you. 

Prime T's Rewards Program is unique and specific.  Unlike the pyramid and sponsorship schemes of the past where your hard work and efforts are credited to someone in an upline above you.  You and only you get the credit for the time and effort you invest in our Rewards Program.


During the referral process as you encounter individuals interested in ordering the product, we suggest that you assist them with ordering the product in your presence.  Whether it's via a laptop or mobile device inclusive of a smart phone, be prepared to walk them through the simple ordering process while entering your AIN.  This will eliminate the uncertainty of whether or not they will actually order the product on their own at a later time but however provides the same day reward guarantee of units being credited to you!

How Will I Receive My Monthly Monetary Reward?

The Rewards Program has 6 different categories that will determine the percentage each Associate receives for their monthly monetary reward. Categories 1 through 6 are as follows:


1. If 25 to 99 units are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 3.5% reward.

2. If 100 to 224 units are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 5.5% reward.

3. If 225 to 449 units are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 6.5% reward.

4. If 450 to 649 units are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 8.5% reward.

5. If 650 to 949 units are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 10.5% reward.

6. If 950 units and up are sold using your AIN, you will receive a 13% reward.


For example, if at the end of the month 150 units have been sold using your AIN, you will be placed in Category 2 in which you’ll receive an approximate reward of $148.50 (5.5%).


Following the above pattern, each month the amount of units sold associated with your AIN will be totaled and if the total meets the minimum requirement of 25 units, you will be issued a payment in the mail using the address provided upon signing up for the Rewards Program.  Payments will be in the form of US funds and mailed within the first 7 business days of each month excluding holidays.  You will be notified via email once mailed.  Please Note: All Associates are responsible for any taxes levied in regards to monetary gains from the Rewards Program. 



If I don’t meet the monthly minimum, will units sold in that month rollover to the next?

No. The Rewards Program is based upon a one month period of time.  Once that time frame elapses, the next period begins in which the cycle starts over.  In order to receive a monetary percentage of units sold per month, Associates must meet the minimum requirement of 25 units sold. 

Are groups allowed to sign up for the Rewards Program? 

Absolutely!  Whether it’s a group of friends seeking extra funds, a college group, colleagues, religious organizations, etc., when signing up you will be given the option to become an individual Associate or a group Associate.  However, this program is NOT for retail businesses or resale!


Just as the individual Associate, the group Associate will also receive an AIN.  Please remember that in order to receive the monthly monetary percentage, ALL Associates whether they be an individual or a group, must have a valid ID and/or documentation that indicates your full legal name and/or legal group name as the payments issued by Prime T will reflect the legal name listed upon sign up into the Rewards Program.   

If your group does not have a legal name, the name of an individual group member may be used.  Please Note, all payments issued in behalf of the group will be solely in the individual's name submitted as representing the group.

As an Associate, am I able to order supplements

using my own AIN?

Yes, you may order supplements using your AIN and you will receive credit for units sold. 



Once I submit the sign up form, how long will it take for me to be accepted into the program?

Acceptance into the program could take up to 2 days depending on the volume of applications slated for review.  However, in some instances, if there are no complications with your application upon our review, acceptance could be the same or next day. 



After I successfully sign up, when does

my monthly time frame begin?

Associates have from the 1st of each month to the last day of each month to meet the minimum requirement of 25 units.  However, for example if you sign up on the 15th of the month, you now have from the time of acceptance until the last day of that month to meet the minimum requirement.  The stipulated time frame of one month is not adjusted based upon your sign up date.  Associates do not receive extra time to meet the minimum requirement if they sign up beyond the 1st of the month. 

Upon sign up, will I receive a tracking number once my promotional package is shipped?

Yes!  Once your package has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the USPS Priority Mail tracking number and expected delivery date. Within a couple of days after you successfully sign up and have been accepted into the program, if you don’t see a shipping confirmation email in your inbox from, please check your spam or junk folder. 


If I request additional flyers, how many will I receive?

If you request more flyers in addition to the ones initially mailed to you after sign up, we will gladly send them to you at no additional charge.  However, only the costs of shipping and handling will be assessed to you.  Each time you request additional flyers, you will be issued a quantity of 25 flyers that will be shipped to the mailing address on file. 


If your address or any other information changes from what you initially submitted at sign up, please email your new address or other information to: and we’ll update our records. 


If you would like to submit your request to order more flyers now please click the below Request Flyers button and your request will be processed.  Once your Associate status is verified you’ll be notified via email.  The order link will appear in that email in which once clicked, you’ll be transferred to the checkout page to complete your order securely through PayPal.


Will I get a tracking number when additional

flyers are shipped?

Yes!  Each time you reorder additional flyers you will receive a confirmation email including the USPS Priority Mail tracking number and the expected delivery date.

Will I be notified of how many units were sold

using my AIN each month?

You most certainly will if the monthly amount meets the required minimum of 25 units.  Each month once the amount of units have been totaled, if the monthly required minimum is met, you will receive an email indicating units sold using your AIN. 

Will my personal information be given

to any third parties?

Absolutely not!  Your privacy is very important to us.  Any information you enter on our secure encrypted site will be strictly confidential and for the sole use of Prime T.  

How do I sign up?

AFTER you've gained an understanding of the program by thoroughly READING the above questions and answers, signing up is just one click away!  In order to become an Associate one must be at least 18 years of age.  A one time nominal fee of $25.00 US dollars plus shipping and handling processed securely through PayPal will be assessed to cover promotional flyers you will receive in the mail after signing up. 

NOTE: All Associates whose accounts are inactive / no sales for a period of one year will be required to pay a $25.00 Associate Reinstatement fee.  Any sales activity on an Associates' account within one year, will eliminate Associate Reinstatement fees. 

Although you're able to sign up from your mobile phone, we recommend that you do so via a computer as the layout may appear differently on your mobile phone.


If you would like to sign up now and start receiving your rewards right away, please click the below Sign Up button and take a moment to accurately fill out the form on the following page. 

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